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Toys for 6-7-year old kids

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If you are looking for toys for 6-7-year old children, you found the right place. In this section you will find many options for both boys and girls. The most important toy brands like Feber, Mattel, Lego, Playmobil, etc. And children's favourite characters like Cars, Enchantimals, Spiderman, Hanazuki...

At 6 years of age, kids are able to speak fluently as well as making decisions based on what they like or not. It is recommended that they play with toys which foster their creativity and imagination, as well as improve their mobility and physical exercise. For the most hard-working kids, it is always a good option to give them toys with which they can practise reading, writing or drawing. You have lots of options with lots of funny characters they will love.

Toys such as bicycles, kites, balls, colouring books, experimenting games, musical instruments, construction sets and handicrafts, remote-controlled cars, board games with quizzes adapted to their age and role-playing games.

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